Killin Time

Forever X Killer Instinct x Super Monster


Stress Negative

Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $60/dose

Bred by: Meeker Showpigs

I made two road trips to Illinois to see this powerhouse of a boar. I like to start my evaluation of a boar from the ground up. This guy gets an A+ in that category. Huge feet that all point forward. Tree stumps for legs that are super clean jointed. All his angles are correct and he is square to the ground coming and going.  Killin Time has a big square hip behind a big wide top with all the rib and body you can put on one. This is one massive dude that has plenty of shape to go with it. There has been no show feed or paylean to make this guy, he is all natural that will breed on to the next generation. Thank you goes out to the Meeker Family for letting us bring this guy to Indiana.