Quiet Riot

He's the One x Light Em Up


Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: Stewart's Durocs

New for Fall 2016
This year’s NRS STC was a record breaker for the Duroc breed and we spent a lot of time during the show and after hours of studying and evaluating almost every red one there, going over them like a fine tooth comb. My daughter, Shelby and I kept coming back to Stewart’s pen to look at this one. The design and structure on this guy is flawless. Just look at his picture, that is exactly how Quiet Riot looks at every angle. He is perfect on his feet and pasterns.  A big wide square chest, a lot of extension through his neck and head with that tall fronted cocky show ring look. A jet level, wide top that connects to a thick level hip. Whether coming at you or going away he is square to the ground. Quiet Riot comes from a great sow and awesome litter.  He is special and we feel very blessed to have him here so we can offer him to you.