Up The Limit

Bone Buzz x (About time x True Grit x Beefcake)
Bred by: Final Drive Genetics

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Mouse Trap

Skywire x Visionary x On Top

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Patent Pending x Top This
Bred by: Reeds Iowa

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It's Fall Breeding season! We are excited that you came to check out the incredible lineup of boars that we have to offer you! From our new powerful purchases like Mouse Trap, Up the Limit, Quiet Riot, and Never Mind to our Legendary sire purchases like Revival and Gunslinger, combined with our proven sires such as X-Ray Vision, White Noise, and The Reverend we feel that we truly have the best set of boars to offer you top to bottom! Semen quality and health is a high standard here at Southern Gold. We take pride in our high conception rates and large litter counts.

As always if you have any questions, please call in!  Have a great breeding season and thank you for visiting Southern Gold Sires.


Southern Gold
Breeding Calendar - January 2014

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