Banjo String

Banjo X Walter


Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: Robbie Perkins

Ear Notch: 23-3 • Reg #: 150951003

You might want to pay attention to this guy. He is one fancy dude! This tall fronted boar is extended through his head and neck, attractively designed down a level top, and has as good feet and legs as you can put on one. Banjo String has plenty of expressive muscle down his top and is big hipped! I think this guy can take you to the next level! If you want to make Chesters that can compete and beat all the other breeds, then Banjo String is a must use boar! Banjo String’s Maternal Granddam was 4th Overall Chester Gilt at the ’13 World Pork Expo then went onto produce the $20K and Champion Chester Boar at the ’14 Indiana State Fair and the Champion Chester Boar at the ’15 World Pork Expo. Banjo String is a great boar with great bloodlines that will breed on.