Regular Price $200/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Off-Season Price $100/dose

Bred by: Steve Cobb & Family

On my trip to Lake City, Arkansas, I fell in love with the mature boar that they called Blackmail. This guy got my attention as soon as Aaron walked him out of the barn. He is as sound as you can make one, big-ribbed, has a huge, level hip, is wide across the back, and extended in his head and neck. This guy has been exclusively used on the Cobb sows until now. Blackmail is one special boar. He’s one of my favorites in the entire boar barn and I am so excited to get to share this guy with you all. It’s hard to find this much mass and power, still have the show ring look, and be as good on his feet and legs as this guy. This guy is the complete package.