Boss Move

Kankles x Purple Rain


Stress Negative

Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: Foote Farms and Cooper

Reserve Champion Poland Boar Indiana State Fair

The 2017 Indiana State Fair Poland show was by far the best Poland show I have ever seen!  The top end of the boars was just phenomenal. I really wasn’t looking for a Poland boar but I have learned when you find a good one that you like you better not wait. The one that I just fell in love with ended up being the Reserve Champion Poland boar and cost me $7000 to bring him home was the one from Jason Foot and George Cooper, who are no strangers to the Poland breed. Boss Move is out Kankles one of the most popular Poland boars ever. Trust me on this one, he is the real deal. Boss move is as athletic as any boar to come into our barn. He is super big legged, with a big square chest, that carries a pretty extended head and neck. Boss move is level topped with plenty of muscle and shape, all in a stress negative package! This guy can take you to a new level!