High Voltage

Loud Mouth X Radio Active


Stress Carrier

Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: & Owned with Lowdermilk Show Pigs

Ear Notch: 5-3 • Reg #:163655003

I saw High Voltage at Lowdermilk’s farm and he really hit me hard with his huge legs, stout square chest, his masculine skull but yet is still extended through his front end with the perfect ear set for his breed. You couldn’t make one with a more level top and has the right amount of natural muscle. This super sound boar has a huge appetite which can sometimes be overlooked as such an import trait inherited growth trait. We all know what a huge impact Troy has had on this breed and with said Troy thinks High Voltage was one in the top two of any that he has raised. Enough Said!