Kentucky Bourbon

Bartender x Two Strokes


Regular Price $100/dose

Fall Price $35/dose

Bred by: Mousty Farms

Champion Spot Boar 2016 KY State Fair

I had heard rumors about this great Spot boar down at the Mousty’s all summer, and then later I heard about a really impressive Spot at the Kentucky State Fair.  I thought I better go and see for myself and Wow! The Rumors were true!  This boar was as advertised. Kentucky Bourbon has a cool look with a great design and power. He is tall fronted, extended through his head and neck while offering a big thick top!  He is square to the ground, yet still opened up in his lower one third, giving the perfect combination of balance, structure, and power.

Champions seem to make champions and Kentucky Bourbon’s pedigree is loaded with them.  His sire is Bartender who was Armstrong’s Champion Spot Boar at ‘14 SWTC. His mother came from Lowdermilks and is a littermate to the Jester gilt that was named Reserve Grand Spot Gilt at the ‘15 IN State Fair and also a full sib to Get Loud. Kentucky Bourbon is a BIG TIME Spot Boar!