Keep Talkin X Crusader


Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: and owned with Travis Perry

Ear Notch: 9-5 • Reg #: 144732005

One of my main goals this year was to find a great Berkshire do you add to our lineup and I found him! a big thanks to Travis Perry for raising this one and allowing him to come south to Southern Gold. I have seen a lot of good Berkshires but this one is something more, something special! It doesn’t matter if this one is coming at you or going away he really doesn’t have a bad angle! His feet and legs are awesome with a wide square chest floor, bold blade, incredibly stout top, and powerful hip from behind. This tall fronted boar is extended in his head and neck, level down his top through his ham loin junction, and has that cocky look from the side! Travis says he has been a standout since day one! This is a big-time Berkshire boar and I believe he can do some big time things!