Callin Dibs X Megatron X No Fare


Stress Negative

Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: The Warren Brothers

As always, I was looking for the next big time boar to bring back to Southern Gold to help get you to the next level.  After a 700 mile trip and below 0 temperatures, I knew I had found him when I first walked by his pen.  This unfitted young boar hit me as hard as any have hit me.  Passport is a changer.  The first thing I noticed was the way his head and neck came out of his blade. It is as perfectly extended as any I have ever seen.  Then I thought I have never seen such a level top with a high tail set, on a natural expressive square hip on four huge flat boned legs.  This guy is freaky fronted, with a look that can kill and just as much power to match.

His dam is a littermate to the $63,000 high selling cross boar at the 2014 WPX. She raised 2 boars in her last litter that sold for $75,000 and $80,000 at 2016 Fall Classic. I believe special boars come from special sows. Passport is Special. We are so Thankful to the Warren Brothers for allowing this one to come to Southern Gold. Just look at his picture, I decided not to clip him so you could see him the way I did the very first time. Don’t miss out on this one. Get your Passport ready because he is going to take you places.