Sir Knight

Hes the One X Royal Flush


Registration#: 374251006

Regular Price $100/dose

Fall Price $35/dose

Bred by: Knight Genetics

Littermate to Champion Duroc Boar at 2016 WPX

Wow! What a find this guy was!  I want to thank the Knight Family for allowing this genetic giant to come to Southern Gold.  Sir Knight is a litter mate to the Champion Duroc Boar at the ’16 WPX.  His mother was the Champion Overall at the ’14 Illinois State Fair.  Sir Knight is one awesome boar!  He is the biggest boned Duroc we ever had (remember a boar called Mammoth used to be here).  This up-headed, clean throated boar is perfect in his lower build and jet level down his top while being thick from blade to hip.  This guy has me super excited!  Study his pedigree, the breeder behind him, his picture and then come see him in person.  His look alone will sire Champions!  Order early here!