South Paw

Slug Fest X Above The Rest


Stress Negative

Regular Price $150/dose

Summer Price $35/dose

Bred by: Vista Brook Farm

What a find this guy was! Kevin told me they had a pretty special boar so I made the trip south to check him out myself and boy was he right! When he hit the yard with his big square chest coming at me and his cocky head so stylish parading around the yard, I knew within seconds I had to have him. But his style isn’t the only thing that I love; South Paw has so much power and mass coming out of the back side of his blade with a square, jet level top over a huge, bold rib leading out into a muscular stout hip! If you are needing to add more center body and depth of rib without sacrificing balance and style South Paw is the right one to use. Bloodlines run deep in this guy as the bottom side of his pedigree has Above the Rest, Crazy Bone, Monster Stick, and Hillbilly Bone to just name a few. His top side has Slug, Slug Fest, Bear, and goes back to the mother of Visionary. Another awesome boar, backed by an awesome pedigree.