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Regular Price $100/dose

Fall Price $35/dose

Bred by: Meg Meeker and Tim Dare

The first time I saw this boar I knew he was one that needed to come to Southern Gold.  All I could think about is if I had a pen of barrows that look like him, I could name my price on them.  His huge foot and bone is beyond impressive while being so square at the ground coming and going.  Stinger is a moderate framed, big topped, heavy muscled boar with a fancy show barrow look.  Use this guy on your bigger framed red sows that need down sized, with more power and bone.
P.S.  If you would like to know where the name Stinger is from, it is when Tim & Robbie brought him out of the barn, he knocked into a wagon that stirred up a nest of wasps and you can imagine what happened after that…. Stinger.