Two Faced

X-Ray Vision x Warfare


Stress Negative

Regular Price $100/dose

Fall Price $35/dose

Bred by: Southern Gold Sires

Our first X-Ray Vision son that we did not cut and we are sure glad we didn’t.  This is one fancy guy that has been a standout since day one. Two Faced is not only out of X-Ray, but also out of one of the best sows I have ever owned. She has raised numerous Champion barrows and gilts and she has always raised between 10-13 pigs in her 6 litters that she has farrowed. We brought Two Faced right off the slatted concrete floor and off of a self feeder with 15% sow feed in it to picture. He is super sound, great structure, clean fronted, more of a moderate framed boar that is square to the ground. Two Faced will make super fancy barrows and gilts that will be hard to get around.