Up The Limit

Bone Buzz x (About Time x True Grit x Beefcake)


Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: Final Drive Genetics

Up the Limit was the Champion and $22,000 York boar at the SWTC in Belton!  There is no doubt that this guy will be a breed changer!  He is built right, designed right, and bred right!  His mom and grandmother are flat out generators and with his great grandmother being the mother of The Grizz there is so much good bred into this guy.  We couldn’t be more excited that this guy is sitting in Salem, IN!!  He is tall shouldered, extended fronted, dead level and as sound as you can make one.  He is square at the ground and opened up through his chest floor, while offering a big thick top!  We haven’t seen a boar put together this good in a long time!  He is a MUST USE BOAR!