X-treme Makeover

Exclusive x Main Street x Solid Monster


Stress Negative

Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: Decker Showpigs

When I heard that Chad had another boar out of Miss Kay it didn’t take me long to head that direction! Miss Kay is the mother of X-Ray Vision and still one of the best show gilts I have ever seen and the only female that I know of to win 2 State Fairs! X-Ray has sired a mass amount of Champions, Cross and southwest Berkshires. I have always said and strongly believe that it takes great sows to make great boars, well take a look at how awesome X-treme Makeover is! He is extremely big boned, with a huge, expressive wide top, and super stout hip. Though he is a stout skulled, bold bladed, wide skeleton boar he still is attractive in his design and sound on the move. He is a boar that I truly believe will sire a ton of Champions!