Howe Come x Frog Party


Ear Notch: 213-3

Registration#: 156196003

Winter Price: $62/dose


Bred by: Rake Genetics

We are humbly honored to be able to bring Essential to our boar lineup. Essential is a product of a lifetime of breeding Chester White hogs by the late Tom Rake. Tom passed away unexpectedly last September 2020, right when fall breeding was about to begin. I’ve gathered from talking to his family that he had big plans for Essential to be used on many sows, as he thought he might be the best he had ever put together. Do to the horrible circumstances, Essential understandably did not get to be used very much at all. Now, 1 year later we hope to help carry on Tom’s legacy and do this beast of a boar his due. Essential is one special boar. He has gigantic legs and some of the biggest feet I have ever saw on one. He has crazy big rib shape and depth of body. He has a wide level top, and he can get out and move with the best of them. This one is no fluke. He has a lifetime of breeding behind him. I want to thank Diane and the whole Rake family for giving us the opportunity to offer this one to the public and carry on an incredible legacy.