Mind Games

Mastermind x Unforgettable (littermate to Maximus)


Ear Notch: 2-3

Registration#: 413401003

Regular Price $200/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Bred by: Maxwell Family Show Stock

When we had the opportunity to purchase Mind Games from the Maxwell family during the NSR virtual draft sale. It was one that we didn’t think we could pass up. This one was a must have boar for us. When you study this guy’s pictures and video, he’s almost flawless in his design and makeup. He is a big-legged, tall-fronted boar that is super extended in his head and neck. He takes a big long stride when he walks, with his back feet almost planting in the same place that his front feet just left. Then you look at his pedigree his sire is Mastermind, the $200,000 boar from last year‘s summer type conference. His mother is a littermate to Maximus which was the champion boar at WPX last year, and also a littermate to the reserve grand gilt overall at the 2019 summer type conference. His grand dam was the reserve grand gilt at the 2017 WPX. She raised a grand gilt at the 2018 summer type conference, and she is also the grand dam of the champion Duroc gilt at 2020 San Antonio, the 2019 grand gilt at the Indiana State fair, and also champion Duroc barrow at the WTC in Perry, Georgia. Champion bloodlines flow through this guys veins. This guy is super special and needs to be put on a lot of females. These strong bloodlines were made to breed on.