Mouse Trap

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Mouse Trap is one that I could write a book on, not only on his power, his structure and look, but also on his pedigree.  Again I am big on the bottom side of pedigrees and you cannot find a genetic background better than this.  Mouse Trap’s mother was the 2015 IN State Fair Grand Gilt Overall. Her litter-mate sister was the Grand Gilt Overall at the Kentucky State Fair.  A third litter-mate is Party Up North at Shaffer’s. Mouse Trap comes from a outstanding litter himself one litter-mate is already a multiple time Grand Gilt and a class winner at this years WPX.  His Grandam was also an awesome show gilt in her day and has been one of Decker best sows to date.  We feel very blessed and want to thank Chad and Liz for the opportunity to purchase him before the Crossbred Classic.  I believe this one will sire multiple champions! Mouse Trap has monster feet and legs that can walk all day long. The first time I saw him, Liz walked him across a gravel parking lot and he never missed a step. So much power with depth of body and a stout hip.  He has a wide, level top all the way from his blade to hip.  All of that power and then look at the extension in his neck that everyone is trying to get for that up headed show ring look.  If that is not enough, he also has the color pattern to go with it. Pedigree, Power, Style, Color!

Dam was 2015 Indiana State Fair Champion Gilt Overall