All Rise

Stand Tall X Penny Stocks


Registration#: 394407002

Regular Price $175/dose

Summer Price $50/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Bred by: Down Family

Ear Notch: 15-2

Champion Duroc — 2018 STC

All Rise is one that is put together as good as I think is possible. When this guy walked onto the green shaving in Louisville at the ’18 NSR STC, myself with several others around me had to raise up out of our seats, because this guy caught our attention big time. I knew before he was named Champion Duroc, that I was going to try my best to bring him home to Southern Gold Sires! I could go on and on about all the things All Rise will do, but there is really no need. Study his picture or even better come see him in person and All Rise is the real deal!