Customer Appreciation Sale

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Friday, March 16
5 PM - Barn Opens & Check-in Begins

Saturday, March 17
9 AM - All pigs must be in place
11 AM - Weanling Pig Sift
3 PM - Weanling Pig Sale

Auctioneer: Nathan Day


Wally Estes 3-Cross Gilts, 1-Cross Barrow, 2-Spots

Tony Webb 1-Cross Gilt

Troy Rice & Family 2-Hereford Barrows (Ring Of Fire)

Kahre Showpigs 2-Duroc Gilts, 3-Duroc Barrows (Right One)

Fry-Casbon Showpigs  1 Poland Gilt,1-Poland Barrow (Boss Move)
1-Hereford Gilt,1-Hereford Barrow (Romeo)
1-Berk Gilt,1-Berk Barrow (Makin Moves)

J & T Show Stock

Lance & Mitchell Westcamp 1-Poland Gilt, 1-Poland Barrow (Nevermind)
1-Hamp Gilt,1-Hamp Barrow (Revival)

Ron Haffner 2-Cross Gilts, 2-Cross Barrows

Tony Trueblood  1-Cross, 1-Hamp Gilt (Angry Eyes)

24/7 Showpigs Cross Gilts & Barrows (Side Effect)
Cross Gilts, Cross Barrows, Cross Boar (Tom Cat)

Matt Norman 1-Berk Gilt (Knucklehead)

Darren Speer 1-York Gilt, 1-York Barrow (Assurance)
1-York Gilt (Easy Money)

Brandon Smith

SEO Farms/Emily O'Brien 2-Duroc Barrows

John Menefee Hamp Gilts & Males(Angry Eyes)
Poland Gilts & Males (Boss Move)

Wible Show Pigs 1-Duroc Gilt, 1-Duroc Barrow, 2-Spot Gilts, 1-York Gilt, 1-York Barrow

Cory Wallace 2-Cross Barrows (Tom Cat)

Kyle Woolston 1-Hamp Gilt, 1-Hamp Barrow

Cory Scott 2-Cross Gilts (Hand Out)

Leslie Batt & Family 

Shott Family Livestock 2-Poland Gilts, 1-Poland Barrow, 1-Poland Boar

Steve Neff 2 - Cross Gilts (Two Faced),1 Cross Gilt (Tom Cat)

Mark Spieker 2-Duroc Gilts

Matt Garrity 1-Spot Barrow, 1-Spot Gilt (Raising Cain)

Vista Brook Farm/Brandon Ellis 2-Cross Barrows

Jason Fry  2-Cross Gilts, 1-Cross Barrow (Tom Cat)
1-Hamp Barrow (Angry Eyes), 1-Chester Gilt (Banjo String)

Garrett & Blake Huff 2-Cross Gilts

Jesse Sharp & Family 1-Hamp Gilt, 1-Hamp Barrow (Angry Eyes)

Allman Brothers Showpigs 1-Cross Gilt

Tanner Mahoney 1-Cross Barrow (Hand Out), 2-Cross Gilts (X-Ray Vision)
1-Cross Barrow (X-Ray Vision)

Maeci Marshall 2-York Gilts (Easy Money)



2018 Spring Boar Catalog

2017 Fall Open House


To all those who attended our 2017 Open House! We appreciate your support and interest! Watch for details about our 2018 Open House!