Over & Out X Sling It


Price: $40/dose

Overrun Price: $40/dose

Bred by: Rick Whistler

The Bandit crew is about to start stealing many banners this show season. Bandit is one that I had the advantage of seeing at different stages in his life growing up, since he was raised right down the road at my good friend Rick Whistler‘s. He has been a man child ever since he was born and he just keeps getting better. This guy was meant to sire champions, being one of the very few litters sired by Over and Out, the awesome Cobb boar that unfortunately was here only a very short time, and having a bottom side with the Wintex bloodline. Bandit is one wide made, heavy-structured, thick-skulled, powerful son of a gun. Use this guy to make them bigger footed, bigger legged, and super powerful. Hop on the Bandit wagon now, because this guys is going to be popular.