Cowboy Up

Roper x Never Stop


Ear Notch: 29-3

Registration#: 167910003

Stress Negative

Regular Price $40/dose

Overrun Price $40/dose

Off-Season Price $40/dose

Bred by: Armstrongs

Champion & High Selling Spot at 2018 Fall Classic

Cowboy Up was the Champion and the high-selling Spot boar at the Duncan Fall Classic. He caught my eye as soon as I saw him gliding around the ring taking big, long strides on those monster legs. He is probably the most extended Spot boar I have ever seen. Cowboy Up is what we think the Spot breed is going to need if you want to be in the winner’s circle. He is going to make them bigger framed, tall fronted, beautiful profiled, but still keep them wide and sound. We were thrilled and blessed to be able to bring this must use Spot boar back home to Indiana. Not only does he have the look, he also has the breeding behind him from the great operation the Armstrong’s are running. This guy needs to be put on lots of great sows this year. He will make you winners, there is no doubt in my mind.