Grand Entrance x The Reverend


Ear Notch: 3-2

Registration#: 502954002

Regular Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Robert Meeker

Champion Hampshire 2019 Indiana State Fair
Evangelist was the Champion Hampshire boar at the 2019 Indiana State Fair. He is a third-generation champion from the Indiana State Fair. His daddy, Grand Entrance, was the $102,000 champion back in 2018, and his mama is out of The Reverend who was a 2015 champion. He has proven champion boars on both sides of his bloodline. I don’t care what breed it is, it is nearly impossible to pack this much power, mass, rib-shape, width, and muscle into one boar and have him still stay completely sound. Evangelist is square to the ground in the front and back, bold, powerful, and still has that great show ring look. This one will get it done for you whether you are wanting purebred Hampshires or crossbred powerhouse.