Frat Boy

Brother Hood X Slug


Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: Weisinger Farms

Frat Boy is another big time purchase from Weisinger Farms. He’s the one that catches your eye as soon as he steps out of the barn. He’s one cocky son of a gun. He knows that he is the life of the party and that he is something special. He’s tall at a point in the shoulder, wide-bladed, has a big, square back, with a high tail set. Frat Boy is very smooth in his motion. We think you should take Frat Boy to those big bodied, deep and powerful type females that you just need to be pretty up a little bit, without losing any power. Another one that we have lots of faith in to hang some banners next season. Let this party animal give you a reason to celebrate next show season.