Got Me Shook

Gorilla x Fortune Cookie x Super Monster


Regular Price $250/dose

Overrun Price $125/dose

Bred by: Weisinger Farms

Wow! Is the only thing I could think when Sarah walked this guy out of the barn for the first time. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen one this tall-fronted, or as extended in his head and neck. I know for certain that I have never seen one as good looking as this one! As his name says, it got me shook. I was in awe. I saw all of that at first glance and then I stepped back and just watched him glide around the yard like a gazelle. I could watch this guy walk around all day. He is as smooth as he is good looking. If you need to elevate them in the front end, make them super pretty, extend them up front, and make them glide around the show ring without sacrificing any power or muscle, then you need to check this guy out. Got Me Shook is extremely special and I can’t wait to see his pigs gliding around the show ring next summer.