Selfish X Enterprise


Ear Notch: 17-1

Registration#: 409889010

Regular Price $200/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Bred by: Earl Cain & Family

2020 SWTC Reserve Champion Duroc

Greedy is as close as you can get to what I love to call “power with style”. Look at his pictures and watch his video and you will see exactly what I mean. This guys is as fancy as he is massive. He is big-legged, wide-chested, huge-ribbed, and his hip and hind leg is as good as you can put on one. Super level-topped, and he has that up headed, show ring look that we’re all looking for. In my opinion, Greedy is as good as any red boar that has come out in years. We have even had visitors say that they would not be scared to breed crossbreds to him! We are super high on this guy and we think that he is going to do huge things. There’s no need to settle for a class winner or breed champion, you might as well get a little Greedy and win the whole thing!