Heartbreak Kid

Romeo X Striking Matches


Stress Negative

Regular Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Lexus Mercer

Where do I even begin with Heartbreak Kid? What a find this guy was. This popular class winner at the Winter Type Conference caught my eye as soon as he went into the ring. His big feet and stout legs move around as sound and flexible on the green carpet as any I have seen in a while. He has a beautiful profile but still carries plenty of power and mass throughout. After the show we got him out in the back of the barn and we were blown away to see that he had even more power when you got right up over top of him. Heartbreak Kid is a notch bigger framed boar that will work perfectly on those smaller framed sows that you need to put a little more leg under. He will give you what you want without sacrificing the look and the power that we all want. Heartbreak Kid has done nothing other than get better and better every day since we brought him home. He needs to be used on a lot of sows because he is going to make them better. This guy is flat out good from the tip of his nose all the way to the back end of his tail.