High Stakes

Ante Up x Killer Instinct


Regular Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Midwest Genetics

High Stakes is a littermate to the Champion Cross boar at the 2016 WPX.  A big time boar from a big time firm that is always in the hunt at all the major shows. This is what I call a power boar with style with big feet and bone work. Not only does this guy have the big front legs but also has super big back legs. I love the extension of his neck and head which is hard to get on such a power boar. He is a deep bodied boar that has lots of rib shape.  High Stakes is square topped that scanned over a 12-inch loin eye.  He has as thick of a hip as I have ever seen on one. All of this power and he still impresses me with his athleticism, flexibility and soundness. This guy will make them wide and powerful that will get you to the final drive but will outlast the completion once you get there.