Shot Glass x Identity Crisis


Ear Notch: 15-5

Registration#: 168296005

Price: $40/dose

Overrun Price: $40/dose

Bred by: Robin Ridge Farms

Jose Cuervo was a bigtime off the farm purchase from Robin Ridge Farms. Mike told me he had a couple of good littermate boars that he was planning on taking to the 2021 Summer Type Conference, so I decided to make the 2 hour drive to see them. As soon as he walked them out, I knew that he wasn’t messing around. Both were extremely sound boars. That’s what I like to see, an entire litter of quality hogs. Mike told me a little bit about the background with their dam being the 2020 champion Berkshire at the Midwestern. Jose Cuervo was the the one that I thought was a little more stylish, more extended upfront, had just a little more of that fancy show ring look, but didn’t give up any power at all. After a few hours of negotiations we were able to get a deal done for him to come to Southern Gold. Mike went on and took the littermate to Springfield and was a class winner in a very competitive Berkshire show. Jose Cuervo is an excellent addition to our Berkshire line up. If you need a powerful shot to liven up your herd, pour yourself some Jose Cuervo.