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Stress Negative

Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: Diamond P Showpigs

We feel MRI will carry on the tradition of siring those Southwest Berks and making superior crosses as well. With many pedigrees stacked cross on cross, injecting a little Berkshire will add in consistency to give you the edge needed. MRI is a beast with a winning pedigree. MRI’s maternal grandma, bred by Brattain’s, was the Champion Berkshire Gilt at the Kansas State Fair and also Champion Gilt at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show. His mama raised the Champion Berk Gilt at the Kansas State Fair as well. His paternal Grandma was the famous Miss K gilt, who was the Champion Crossbred and Reserve Overall at the Indiana State Fair and the Overall Champion at the Kentucky State Fair in the same year. Don’t wait until you get beat by one of his offspring and say I wish I would’ve used him. Jump in and draw first blood.