Cruel Intentions x Phenom


Regular Price $300/dose

Overrun Price $200/dose

Bred by: Steve Cobb & Family

My Type, got his name because it’s exactly what he is. He is my type of boar. When I was down at Steve & Aaron Cobb‘s earlier this summer, this was my pick of the young boars they had on feed. We all know what Cruel Intentions did before he passed away, and his sons are definitely making an impact on the show pig world. Of all of the Cruel sons I have seen, this one could be the most unique of them all. He is by far one of the biggest-legged and heaviest-structured ones for sure. This guy has what it takes to take you to the next level. He has a beautiful side profile, he is tall at the point of the shoulder, has as much extension up front as you can put on one, and still keeps the muscle and power that it takes to win today. All of this in one package sounds like a can’t miss to me!