Nerve Damage

Struck a Nerve X Hot Wired


Ear Notch: 8-3

Registration#: 637865003

Regular Price $200/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Bred by: Daulton Family Showpigs

This is one we’ve had our eyes on ever since he was a little pig, and oh boy, he has not let us down! Nerve Damage’s mother was the grand over all breeds champion at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. She came from Lorenzen Farms and the Rose family showed her. After the show I had many phone calls telling me that this Hot Wired daughter was one of the better gilts they had ever seen. She sold for $16,000 to the Daulton family. I had stayed in contact with the Ryan and Lindsay about this litter since the day they were born. It was an outstanding litter for sure. The Daultons have been on a roll here lately, raising the champion Yorkshire boar at the 2020 WTC that we purchased and is standing here at Southern Gold. They also raised the champion cross boar at the 2020 SWTC , and they just sold another $20,000 Yorkshire boar at the 2020 STC. With all of that said, Ryan said Nerve Damage is the best one that he has ever raised. High praise from an established breeder! Nerve Damage is big-footed, big-legged, and as square made as you can make one. He has a huge top from his blades all the way back to his level hip. He sports a big stout skull, and is as powerful as you can make one all in a sound, attractive package. If you need to make them stout, powerful, and good looking, you need to put Nerve Damage on those good females. Not only is he one of the better Yorkshires I have ever laid my eyes on, he comes from a long list of the most respected Yorkshire breeders In the country. This guy was no fluke. Another great boar from a great female. This is one that we believe in.