Night Moves

Cruel Intentions x Porch Honky


Stress Negative

Regular Price $250/dose

Overrun Price $125/dose

Bred by: Schillinger Farms

It took me about two whole seconds the first time I saw Night Moves at Shillinger Farms to realize that this guy was flat out good. Probably as true and square to the ground coming and going as anything I’ve seen in a long, long time. The feet and legs on this guy are impeccable. He has a big, square, and wide chest floor. He is really pretty and extended in his head and neck. Night Moves is wide at the blades, jet level, and has a high tail set. Another interesting fact about this one is that he has a different pedigree and is an out cross to almost everything that we have had here at Southern Gold. This guy came from an extremely elite litter and is looking to create more of these elite groups. Night Moves is going to pretty them up but leave you with plenty of power. Night Moves needs to be used on a lot of females. This one is going to be extremely popular, so don’t wait too long to get in on the Moves.