No Kiddin

No Guessing X Loud Mouth


Ear Notch: 24-3

Registration#: 169965003

Stress Negative

Regular Price $125/dose

Overrun Price $60/dose

Bred by: Lowdermilk Show Pigs

Well, on a recent trip to Lowdermilk’s to look at some elite spot boars, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. I didn’t find one that I really liked, I found two. After thinking it over on the way home, and some negotiations with Troy, we came up with the only acceptable solution. We bought both of them. No Kiddin was the one that caught my eye with his huge bone and tall front. He walked out with big, long strides and was extremely extended in his head and neck. It was an extremely hot day and Troy kept walking him and walking him, but he never seemed to get tired or miss a step. While he was walking him, Troy was telling me about the bottom side of his pedigree and that was getting me just as excited about this boar as watching him go. His mother was a champion gilt at the 2018 Fort Worth Stock Show. His granddam is a mate to the mother of the champion gilt at the 2016 OYE. No Kiddin’s mother is also a mate to the champion and reserve champion at the 2018 Dixie Nationals. No Kiddin’s Grandam raised the champion gilt at the 2018 CPS Summer Type, and was also a full sib to the third overall spot to 2015 Indiana State Fair Junior Show. If that wasn’t already enough champions in a pedigree to blow your mind, about a week after we brought him home, No Kiddin’s littermate was named champion gilt At the 2019 CPS Summer Type. Great boars come from great females and this one has females all around him. There is no doubt in my mind that No Kiddin’s genes will breed on. We’re not kidding around with this guy. He is all fact.