override 317

Overruled x Never Before x On Target


Stress Negative

Regular Price $250/dose

Overrun Price $125/dose

Bred by: and owned with Steve Cobb & Family

Override 317 is a big time boar, or as Aaron put it, he is “one bad man.” He is one of the four super elite boars that we got in the major deal with the Cobbs. This guy has enormous back legs, a big square hip, and a high tail set. He has a jet level top that is wide and square all the way up to his blades. He’s got the perfect head and neck that will throw that fancy show ring look. Override 317 is out of the very popular Overruled boar that originated from Ottenwalters. This was put back on one of Cobb’s best sows and the result was this monster. This guy is no accident. He was bred by the best to be the best. He has the best blood line that you could ask for. He has a super cool look, tons of structure and muscle, all wrapped up in a stress negative package. We are extremely excited to be able to offer semen to you from this guy.