Private Practice

Anchorman X Blurred Vision


Regular Price $200/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Off-Season Price $100/dose

Bred by: Decker Show Pigs

I always look forward to visiting Chad and Liz at Decker Showpigs to look at boars. I’ve never been disappointed when visiting them and this trip was no different. Man do they produce some high-quality power houses. Some great ones from their farm have been favorites at Southern Gold (Mouse Trap, X-Ray Vision, and Power in the Blood, just to name a few). All of these were no accident. Chad and Liz have put together one of the greatest bunch of crossbred females that you will ever see. They are females that have either won national, state and local shows, or are descendants of champion females. Of all of them that Chad has had over the years, he thinks Private Practice’s mother may be the best one they have ever had. She is the daughter of the fifth overall cross at the 2016 WPX. Chad can count off the top of his head at least 15 of her descendants have made the backdrop. Just like Chad thinks his dam may be his best one ever, I think that Private Practice could be the best best boar to come from the Decker’s. I don’t say these words lightly. This guy is a stud. This bloodline is packed with champions. His litter mates have been tearing up the show ring circuits. Private Practice is one of those boars that just grabs your attention with his wide base, heaviness of muscle, huge set of back wheels, big hip, and a side profile you have to see to believe. This guy is a showstopper and he is here to keep this elite bloodline in the winners’ circle.