Rub It In x New Era


Ear Notch: 32-9

Registration#: 03130009

Price: $200/dose

Overrun Price: $150/dose

Bred by: Salmon

  • Rub It In is as good of a Hereford boar as I have ever seen. 
  • Rub It In is super big-legged, wide at his blades, and thick all the way back into his perfect ham loin junction. 
  • He is square to the ground coming and going, has just the right amount of muscle, has the super pretty show pig look that will grab any judges attention, and also has a great color pattern that is getting more and more important. 
  • The Hereford breed is on the move. It is becoming the fastest growing breed in the nation. 
  • Rub It In has won at every major level and has PROVEN himself to be the Hereford Man of the Year