Baby Step x Six Speed


Ear Notch: 19-7

Registration#: 647259007

Regular Price $125/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: George Watson

Down in the hills of Kentucky, there’s a man named George Watson that, over the years, has taught me more than he will ever know about breeding Yorkshire hogs. All you have to do is be still and listen to his years of knowledge. For years he has been doing it his way, not chasing fame nor fortune. He has never jumped on what someone thinks is the new trend. He has just been breeding hogs his way, with a plan to make them better. The Teacher is a boar that has many years of this bloodline in his pedigree. This didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen without a plan. It’s hard to give them what I call “power with style,” but that’s exactly what this guy has. At first glance, you notice how tall-fronted he is, how beautiful profiled he is, how extended his head and neck are, and how he has that show ring, cocky look to him. Then you keep looking and you see his huge foot with big square toes that point the way they should. You see the way above average leg size that has the right kind of bone. Then you look on top of him where you see the width of his top that is square all the way back from his blades through his ham loin junction. If this wasn’t enough, then you can step back and just watch how athletic he is as he moves around. This was no accident. The Teacher is a product of years of great planning and great breeding. This is one that will breed on!