Collection Information

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 812-620-2296

Collection Days:
Normal Collection Days are Monday and Thursdays with the exception of Holidays.

All packages are shipped UPS Next Day Air unless requested otherwise.  Semen can be picked up at the farm as well.

All orders must be pre-paid, shipped COD or paid via credit or debit card.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, & American Express.

To ensure availability of boars, we suggest that you order in advance.  You can place semen by calling Bill's cell at 812-620-2296 or 812-755-4306.

Cancellation Policy:
All orders must be cancelled by 9 am EST on the day of collection. Cancellation requests after this time will remain the responsibility of the semen purchaser.

Breeding Certificates:
In order to register a purebred litter, you need to obtain a breeding certificate from Southern Gold.

We will need the name of who ordered the semen, breeding or farrowing date, and the herdmark (for NSR Breeds) or breeding number (for CPS breeds).  We will submit these online once payment has been received.

Breeding Supplies:
We sell breeding supplies that can be shipped with the semen or shipped separately.


New Fall 2022 Contracts

– $600  10 doses of any boar $125 or less

– $1000  10 doses of any boar $200 or less

– $2000  10 doses of any boar in stud

Breed Specific Prices:
$30/dose - You pick the breed (Duroc, York, Berkshire, Hampshire or Cross) we pick the boar.

– Breed Guarantee –

A breeding guarantee will be offered on all boars priced at $100 or more per dose. If you notify Southern Gold Sires within 30 days of the first breeding, that your female did not stick, we will resupply you with semen at no cost. Packaging and shipping costs will still be applied. You must originally pay full price in order to receive this. As a note, it is possible that the boar you are wanting may be sold out for the time you would like to rebreed. If this happens you will be able to select another boar for no cost.