Incredible Contracts Available!

1- 600 for boars priced at 125 or under regular price. Mix and match
2- 900 for boars priced at 200 or under regular price Mix and match
3- 1500 for boars priced at 300 or under regular price Mix and match
4- 2500 for any boar in the stud Mix and match

Breed Specific Prices:

Only $30/dose -You pick the breed, either Duroc, Spot, Yorkshire, Berkshire, or Crossbred and we pick the boar. 

Breed Guarantee:

On all boars that you purchase at $100 or more per dose at FULL PRICE we guarantee to settle. If you notify Southern Gold Sires within 30 days of ordering that your female did not stick, we will resupply you with semen at no cost. Packaging and shipping costs will still be applied. You must originally pay full price.