bubba love

Dazed & Confused X Kankles


Ear Notch: 11-4

Registration#: 52248004

Regular Price $125/dose

Overrun Price $60/dose

Bred by: Staytons Farm

Bubba Love was our $7500 exchange purchase. We have been looking for a stress negative Poland for a long time that we thought would match up well with Oklahoma Shag daughters and other popular Polands. After watching the video of Bubba Love we decided there was no doubt this was the one that we needed to try and bring to Southern Gold. He met every criteria we had set for our next Poland boar. Bubba gets me excited about Polands. He is so sound, so level-topped, big-ribbed, and his hip and hind leg are awesome. He plants and goes so sound and smooth. Bubba Love is going to keep them wide, thick, and a little shorter backed than most Polands. You’re going to love the pigs this guy will throw