mountain high

Fate Has It x Upper Class


Ear Notch: 46-3

Registration#: 419229003

Stress Negative

Price: $40/dose

Overrun Price: $40/dose

Bred by: Milam Farms

On the way home from Perry, Georgia, we made a detour at the Tennessee-Kentucky line to go check out a boar that we had been hearing a lot about. Sometimes you find the best sights hidden back in the hills and country roads. We definitely were not disappointed when they walked out this big footed, monster legged, shaggy creature out at the barn. Not only were we impressed with Mountain High, we also saw some of his littermates that were just as impressive. We were not really in the market for another red one at the time, but sometimes you have to take advantage when opportunity starts knocking. This guy is very impressive. He comes from a very deep litter and I am very confident he will breed on. This country boy will make a name for himself and sire a ton of champions.