can you hang

You Do You X Red Socks


Ear Notch: 9-1

Registration#: 591180001

Regular Price $125/dose

Overrun Price $60/dose

Bred by: Wagoner Gleitz & Denny Showpigs

Can You Hang was one that we thought was a must have to add to our Hereford lineup. It actually took us three trips up to the Waggoner residence to get this one back to Southern Indiana. This is one that we think can hang a ton of banners for you guys. This picture does not do him justice! He’s one that you need to see on the move. He is so fluid in his motions, and so sound and square. He’s got a thick, level top, and an ideal hip and hind leg with just the right amount of muscle. We are excited to have this one standing at Southern Gold. He is pretty special and needs to be put on a lot of females.