Never Back Down

Never Say Never X Shock Collar


Ear Notch: 6-1

Registration#: 566720001

Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $100/dose

Bred by: Riggs and Thurston Showpigs / Raised by Wagoner Showpigs

Never Back Down is slaying it in the show ring. He is winning at every level hanging 3 banners at Expo, banners at CPS, grabbing Reserve at NAILE and dominating county and state shows. He is a PROVEN sire in just one year! Never Back Down was my pick at the ‘18 CPS STC. He is a super sound, super square, heavy muscled, big topped boar that has the look. He also has that deep red color pattern that we all like. Never Back Down’s pedigree is second to none – his daddy was a $50,000 Champion from last year. The grand dam is the famous Wendy sow that was the 2015 Reserve Champion at CPS STC. Never Back Down’s littermates are all extra special. One littermate gilt was the 4th Overall Herford at this year‘s Team Purebred show. A littermate barrow was second in points this year on the Iowa show circuit Winning many jackpot shows. Three other littermate gilts were Champion or Reserve Champion at their county shows.