Walks Alone x Fly By


Ear Notch: 7-1

Registration#: 148117001

Regular Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Brice Conover

Castaway was a class winner at the 2018 SWTC in Belton, Texas. As I watched him show, I thought he was one of the best Berkshire boars I have seen in a long time. But then later that evening studying boars in the back of the barn there was no doubt I was going to do my best to bring this guy back to Southern Gold. Castaway has a masculine, thick skull, is super big legged, square to the ground, and bold ribbed under a muscular top. Castaway is out of Walks Alone who was the $27,000 Champion at the 2017 SWTC that Brice Conover purchased but did not sell semen on and only used him himself making Castaway one of his first sons . This is one you need to see in person to really appreciate and he has only gotten better from the time we have brought him home. He needs to be used and used hard. I think he can do great things for the Berkshire breed!