Forefront X Paradise


Ear Notch: 4-1

Registration#: 412001001

Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: Shaffers Goldrush

Zip was one we found down at Paul Graf‘s farm. Paul had bought a bred gilt from Shaffer’s that was bred to Forefront. Forefront is the one that sired the record breaking $200,000 boar at the 2019 summer type conference. Zip (who was named by Paul’s grandkids by the way) fits right into our Duroc lineup. I would call him moderate plus on frame size. He is a level-topped, level-hipped, muscled-up, short-sided barrow making machine. Zip is perfect when you have some of those bigger framed, sloppier looking females that need more muscle and more of a showy look. Zip is one fancy looking, well bred boar. Don;t wait on this one, because he will be hot.