Outside The Lines x Speak Now


Ear Notch: 14-3

Registration#: 167874003

Price: $40/dose

Overrun Price: $40/dose

Bred by: Austin Lane

Express Lane was named champion Berkshire at the 2021 Summer Type Conference. We were super impressed at the overall quality of Berkshire boars at the 2021 Summer Type Conference, but when Judge Randy Shipley made them scrape off the shavings and walk on bare concrete there was one that pulled himself away from the pack with his huge feet and legs and his perfect pastern set. He was the biggest-footed, biggest-legged, soundest, deepest-bodied, biggest-ribbed one in the show. This guy is a beast of a boar that can give you power and look in one shot. He also comes from a great litter, as his littermate brother was named champion 2021 Recovery. Great mama, great siblings, and a super great boar!