Cruel Intentions X Visionary


Stress Negative

Regular Price $250/dose

Overrun Price $125/dose

Bred by: S&K Showpigs

McNasty is one special boar! When Scott Stauffer called me and said that he had a really good one, I knew that he must have something special. Scott is a man of few words, but he is kind of like EF Hutton in the old commercial, when he talks you better listen. Sterling went to pick him up and when he walked him off the trailer the first thing I said was “this guy is nasty good.” That name has stuck with him in every sense. McNasty just keeps getting better and better and is one of the favorites of the visitors that come to the farm. In my opinion, this guy can do a lot of great things for a lot of different types of females. The right amount of bone, the right amount of muscle, super extended in that neck, as level and wide of a top as you can make, and one of the highest, best tail sets I have ever seen. This guy has the look, the power, and the bloodline to make champions at every level.