Oklahoma Shag

Jackpot x Battleship


Ear Notch: 6-9

Registration#: 50017009

Stress Carrier

Regular Price $50/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Peyton Hill

Reserve Poland Boar, 2018 CPS STC

When I went to Springfield for the CPS Summer Type Conference, I had no intention of buying a Poland, but when I saw this guy walk into the ring he had my attention. Oklahoma Shag is the most unique Poland I have ever seen. The first thing that you notice are his super gigantic legs and his heaviness of structure. Then you look at his super square, muscular hip, that runs jet level up to his wide blades. This guy is as powerful as you can make one but just as stylish. It is so hard to make one of any breed that has what I call the Power and Style Factor. Oklahoma Shag is a breed changer that needs to be used extremely hard. If you were at the show you realized it was in the mid-90s that week. I was extremely worried about the ride home for five hours. When I got home and unloaded Shag in the isolation barn, the first thing he did was go to the feeder and start eating. He has never missed a meal, never left any feed in the feeder from the time I have brought him home. This guy keeps getting better and better every day. I totally believe this guy will sire numerous champions.